MWA CONSULTANTS is a bespoke consultancy business formed in 2013.

They have three strings to their bow; property management, trust and estate advice and  business consultancy which has to a greater part of the past four years involved settling outstanding EQC Claims invariably on a favourable basis.

Murray Withers is the principal of the business and spent 35 years operating his own very successful business. During that time he was involved in a variety of things from some of the largest commercial developments to more intense matters such as making submission on the new trust laws and Unit Titles Act. Invariable those associated with Murray have success stories to tell. The advice is realistic and appropriate. 

Murray is supported by Debby who administers the firm, and Belinda the finder and grinder of some of the new business. Belinda has a flare for property management and a way to maximize the returns for Landlords.

MWA CONSULTANTS has carved a substantial niche in the Christchurch market. While it is easy to become ‘just a number’ when working with larger property management firms, MWA CONSULTANTS focuses on customer service. Our low overhead model means our services are offered at substantially lower prices than mainstream law firms.

Property Management
MWA CONSULTANTS are property managers that understand property and the people that both own and rent. As a landlord your tenant is your best customer, so as long as you are making a profit you keep your tenant happy. A happy tenant invariably leads to a more WELL maintain property which means a more valuable asset. A disgruntled tenant leads to the tenant invariably looking elsewhere. So good management equates to a more valuable assets and you spending less time and having more peace of mind with this valuable investment

MWA CONSULTANTS knows the law and knows the commercial implications of decisions and relationships and therefore completes undertakings in a time efficient and cost efficient manner. Which means savings to the customer. 

Murray lodged submissions on the new Unit Titles Act, and understands  the Act. The processes relating to Unit Title ownership and Body Corporate committees are only as complex as people make them. There are base rules but once again communication and knowledge of what right and wrong is the corner stone. People bemoan body corporates. They should not. Those that bemoan are just in body corporates that are not working correctly.

Murray has over thirty years’ experience in both the formation and management of all types of Trusts though by far the majority are Family Trusts and Trading Trusts. Murray made submissions on the new Trust Laws, and practices what he preaches. To provide the protection of a Trust the Trust must be administered properly and basic principles of Trust Law adhered to. Do it once, do it right and you have cost effective management and the knowledge that your assets are protected in the manner you require. With this firm administering your trust or creating your trust you have the comfort of knowing things are done correctly and will not be subject to challenge. Often with others this is not the case. 

EQC Work and Consultancy
With business Murray gives consultancy advice on all matters relating to business. He is adept in employment law and often attends mediations and deals with employment issues. From debt recovery to giving general advise with respect to leases, to terms of trade, to commercial disputes. Murray provides advice outside the commercial areas and handles such matters as estates, estate disputes, even relationship break down. He knows when solicitors should be involved but is a cost effective option shy of that. Over the last years EQC work is prevalent and he has settled many claims on a successful negotiated basis. He generally knows what is right and when something is array.   

About Murray
Murray kicked off his life playing first fifteen rugby with Shirley Boys in Christchurch, always loved his rugby but he got clobbered when he was 19 and needed major knee surgery.  So he changed focus from rugby, and squash became his new sporting passion.

Murray graduated from the University of Canterbury in 1973 with a law degree, went into the court room as an attorney for what was then one of the largest and best legal firms in Christchurch; Weston Ward & Lascelles.

Murray became a partner in Weston Ward and Lascelles in the mid 1980’s, and the practice flourished. Representing some of the larger property developers in Christchurch, Murray was seen as a problem solver, someone who preferred to move forward than fight wars in the past.

During this time Murray and his wife and raised two children and Murray became involved in many community groups as he had a passion not only to live and learn but to give back also.

Murray became President of Canterbury Squash, Chairman of New Zealand Squash, was chairman of Lifeline, and when he could no longer get the drop shots gave up Squash and re-entered the rugby administration area.

Murray was chairman of Canterbury Metro rugby and coached rugby to a senior level. Murray chaired the disciplinary committee of the CRFU for about 15 years.

Murray left Weston Ward and Lascelles in 2002 and set up his own legal practice. That too flourished and his success is attested to by many.

MWA Consultants is now the focus, helping clients with their EQC claims, consulting on all business matters, working with clients on their trusts and also employment disputes.