Earthquake Claims and Insurance Claims

Since 2010 the firm has handled hundreds of claims. A pragmatic approach is taken achieving the best result for the circumstances. In dealing with Insurance companies time is both your ally and your enemy. If you have the time and the energy you will get the correct result.

The basic philosophy is that Insurance is not something you take advantage of. It is a contractual arrangement where premiums are paid for insurance cover in the event of certain happenings. The difficulty has always been that until there is a major event the words in the contract have not been interpreted. That creates the complexities that now exist.

A claimant is asking nothing more than to have a contract honoured. Sometimes the Insurance companies interpret the contract differently, however the law Courts has always supported a pragmatic view of insurance policies rather than a strict interpretation. 

When claims are not able to be settled, it is often because of this different interpretation. Remember, just because an Insurance Company states something it does not always mean they are right, it is their view.
The second aspect is quantum issues. Once again insurance companies employ experts to advise on the value of repairs. It is unwise to simply accept insurance companies costing. More so when a cash settlement is offered. 
As with all contracts, where there are difficulties the Courts need to review those difficulties and resolve them.

This firm gives reassurance that you are on the right track. Murray often reflects that paying someone a percentage of what you are rightfully entitled to because you are rightfully entitled to it is wrong.