This is a generic term for the process of assessing the variances of levels within your dwelling. Following the earthquakes and in fact prior to those events the Council have set or accepted certain standards for the acceptable degree of variance in house floor levels within any dwelling.
MWA Consultancy  was set up to provide owners comfort in terms of both their repairs following damage and also compliance with the new building standards. The first step in this process is having your house floormapped. Compared to the benefit given in terms of peace of mind it is an inexpensive exercise.

Further there are concerns that repairs have been completed to an inadequate standard and some repaired houses will not, or do not, meet the appropriate standard.


Peace of mind

It is our contention that this report is needed to satisfy yourself, a prospective purchaser and potentially a bank or other money lender, that your house is compliant with current accepted building standards. This report will be a significant advantage at the time of any likely sale of your property. In the future these may be required to satisfy a purchaser that there are no underlying difficulties. It can be added to your LIM report held by the local authority. The report will be provided to you both in hard copy and if requested electronically within 72 hours of completion of the mapping


The system

We use an electronic variance system known as the Zip Level system. It sets a base height and assesses the variance room by room from this mean height.

We have trained and skilled technicians who perform this task. It is a non-invasive technique. It is completed by a skilled technician and takes approximately two hours.

We initially provide a comprehensive report on your property. From that point in the event that there is non-compliance with current accepted building standards, we will arrange for a further report which will provide a methodology for repair.  If it is required by you we will provide the names of LBP who specialise in this type of repair work. We can assess the need for on-going repairs.


Recovery of costs

You may be able to recover costs from your insurer in the event that the repairs already completed are found to be substandard, or your property has been repaired and those repairs do not meet the recommended standards. In any event it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.



We charge $350 plus GST for this report for a standard three bedroom house (180m or less) 
We charge $400 plus GST for this report for a standard four bedroom house. (300m or less

We charge $500 plus GST for this report for a house in excess of 300m2.