Handling your legal requirements.

How often do lawyers confuse you? How often do people come out of meetings with lawyers and say “what was that all about”. Or what did that all mean.

Murray has spent 40 years dealing with lawyers both good and not so good. He has a unique appreciation of what is being said and the quality of advice. He can also give you re-assurance on your decision making in terms of litigation, contracts and other legal matters. He tempers this with his known philosophy of looking forward and to the future, as if you spend too much time in the past it will add little value to both your business and personal life moving forward.

Murray can interpret legal letters for you and also advise you on remedies should advice not be all it was supposed to be.

Sometimes there are simple questions that Murray can assist you with. especially in the areas he is an expert, such as challenging Wills, interpretation of Trusts, challenging Trusts to relationship issues.

Good sound advice is worth more than a large legal bill and an enhanced aging process.