Management Fee:   7% of the gross annual rental plus gst.

Inspection Fee:       $50.00 plus gst. The frequency of inspections is dictated by you at time of entry into the management agreement.

These fees apply subject to any other agreement entered into between the parties.

Management Fee:

No rent received, no fees for us.

This fee covers tenant interactions like negotiating new contracts, checking rent and water payments (if any), following up matters. Time spent showing property to perspective tenants, time on reference checking, and being on call for your property. 


Unusual Attendance Fee:

If unexpected attendances are required on the property we do charge for this. We would do our best to discuss these with you prior to undertaking those attendances and agree on a fee. We would expect to recover the cost of our time spent.

We do the best we can to ensure your property is well looked after by the tenants, due rent and water is paid, and the property is maintained to standards you’ve set, keeping you in the loop along the way.


Inspection Fee:

Inspections are charged separately, and again the inspection fee is minor compared to the time spent at the property. 
Compare this to a plumber/electrician with minimum 1 hour call out of $65+GST plus mileage charges of $10-$20 these days.