Our Firm

The firm was a concept conceived and implemented after Murray’s retirement from legal practice. Murray has a long held belief from his experience while in practice that certain areas of people’s business affairs and personal affairs were not well provided for, and these areas were areas where his new company could provide value and improvement.

Property Management 

By way of example Murray has a philosophy about Leasing arrangements.  A philosophy that has added many thousands of dollars to the wealth of his clients. A philosophy centred on recognising the value of the tenant to the landlord and that relationship being entrenched in clear concise communication.

This philosophy applies to both Residential and Commercial leases. Stable leasing arrangements are a great asset to landlords.



The firm now formed by Murray currently has under management in excess of 60 trusts and wishes to grow this number. Trusts are not the domain solely of either lawyers or accountants but Trusts do require management from experienced personnel. Murray has in excess of 35 years in trust management and is very familiar with this area of a person’s business affairs. That experience is invaluable.


If you are thinking property development who better than employing a firm that has developed literally thousands of sections and a firm that has been involved in construction of both residential and commercial properties, with an involvement on developments like Gloucester Towers, Fino Casementi and Brookside Estates to name a few. This involvement which extended through ther period of the earthquakes also means Murray has gathered a great knowledge on Earthquake claims both to the Earthquake Commission and to Insurance companies. Further as numerous clients know, Murray is a great springboard for ideas and direction in respect of business ventures.