Tenant selection is one of the most important processes for the best management of your property.
We undertake a systematic and thorough process of tenant selection which also takes into account any special requirements you may have and the suitability of the prospective tenants to your property.

Prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed Application Form. Details include the applicant’s full name plus the names of any other proposed occupants, their current address, their date of birth, their current landlords contact information, their previous landlords contact information, their source of income and their reason for wanting to move.


The application form also contains a Privacy Act Statement and notification to them that should they enter into a Tenancy Agreement with us that any payment default will be reported to Tenancy Information NZ and Credit Reporting databases.


Prospective tenants are interviewed by the Property Manager responsible for managing your property. Personal references are checked and the Department of Building Tribunal Orders register is checked to see if there are any breaches of any previous Tenancy Agreements. If the applicants are suitable our Property Manager in most cases contacts the property owner and seeks the property owners consent to proceed. Our personalised Tenancy Agreement is then explained fully to the prospective tenant then signed by the tenant and our Property Manager on your behalf. Keys are not provided to the tenant until all monies due at the start of the tenancy are received by us.