A comprehensive property inspection is completed at the start of each tenancy. As much detail as possible is recorded at this time and the new tenants are required to check the report and sign acceptance of the property as detailed.


Regular inspections are completed four times per year unless we are instructed to complete more or less inspections by the property owner.

When a tenancy terminates and after the tenants have vacated the property, a thorough inspection is completed. The property's current condition is compared with the initial inspection report and if there is any damage attributable to the tenant we claim the cost to remedy the damage from the tenant. In most cases there is sufficient Bond to cover these issues however when the Bond is insufficient we apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a Payment Order against the tenant for any shortfall.

Owner Managed Inspections

There is a positive obligation on Landlords to undertake property inspections during the course of any tenancy. In fact most insurance policies require this and a policy claim may be declined on the basis of inspections having not being completed.

We undertake these inspections on your behalf. We charge a fixed cost and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the property and items requiring attention. 

This saves any confrontation between you as the property owner and the tenant, retains enmity and satisfies insurance obligations.

A small price for peace of mind.